Monday, January 5, 2015

REVIEW: Chicken and Broccoli Cavatappi Bake with Cheddar Sauce

For more information on Gobble check out my first review here or visit their website Gobble delivers fresh, healthy meals that are par-cooked and prepped to easily prepare in "10 minutes". We have tried 3 boxes and have been pretty close to the 10 minute cook time. I realized our oven takes 14 minutes to heat up to 400, and it takes my electric stove 4 minutes to get the pan hot enough to cook the meat. Plus I spent the time to photo document everything so those factors slowed me down.
When you sign up, every week you get meals delivered to your door step fully prepped with easy to follow instructions to cook quickly. You can choose from 6 different meals offered each week starting at $11.95 per serving or opt to skip a delivery (no other fees, that includes shipping. This box was 3 meals x 2 servings = $71.70
(sorry about the stock pot in the back, I was making turkey stock this day) So here we go. I dumped the chicken onto a paper towel to dry it off a bit, and unpacked everything while waiting for my pan to get to medium high heat.
At almost 4 minutes in I started the acutal cooking part once my pan was hot, then everything was a breeze from here.
Add veggies. Add pasta.
Add sauce. Add bread crumb topping.
Throw in oven on broil. Prep salad.
Wait, there is a ton of salad here, I had to get a bigger bowl to dress it (and that's only half the salad in the bag).
13 minutes 37 seconds and done cooking. Minus a minute or so to take photos and the extra time for my stove to heat up.
Add on a minute or two to plate, and this meal goes from being in bags in the fridge to cooked on the plate in 15 minutes.

How does it taste... surprisingly delicious. The vegetables were really fresh and perfectly cooked. The salad dressing/vinaigrette was really tasty. I was little nervous about the par-cooked pasta, but it was perfectly al dente. I make similar dishes with broccoli and red peppers but the cheddar cheese sauce was so much better than what I make. The portions were huge on this one. We had leftovers that I fed the kids the next night when I made the next dinner kit for my husband and I to eat together when he got off work late.

I haven't tried other dinner delivery companies yet, but some just send you the ingredients and you have to prep everything, the directions are hard to follow, and they take from 35 minutes to 1 hour to cook. I REALLY like that Gobble preps everything and par-cooks some of the ingredients so the meals are easily made in around 10 minutes. The sauces have been outstanding. The portion sizes are great and they are healthier and cheaper than take-out or going out to eat. It's like having your own personal sous chef that preps and delivers delicious meals to your house.

If you live in California and Nevada you can use this link to get a free dinner kit to try them yourself. Gobble is trying to expand to other states soon.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

REVIEW: Roasted Root Vegetables with Risotto

Gobble claims: "Gobble prepares farm fresh 10-minute gourmet dinner kits with 3-step instructions delivered to your door. Our weekly delivery includes three thoughtfully hand-crafted dinner kits filled with fresh pre-chopped and par-cooked ingredients (along with a gorgeous recipe card!) for you to create Michelin-worthy dinners in your very own kitchen."

Gobble delivers: prepped ingredients and instructions for healthy, delicious dinners that I have been able to cook in 9-15 minutes (our electric stove takes 4 minutes to get to the right temperature, and our oven takes 15 minutes to get hot which slow down my cook time). My husband is a foodie and was skeptical, but we have been pleasantly surprised at how good these meals are. They are better than most of the restaurants we have here in the suburbs.

Down side/up side: Gobble is a bit like the Columbia House Music Club (I'm dating myself here) where you sign up for weekly delivery when you join, and then have to "Skip Delivery" on their website to cancel for that week or email them to cancel permanently. On the up side, the service is great so you just might want to keep the weekly deliveries.

The Roasted Root Vegetables with Risotto took me just over 9 minutes to cook. It took me another 2 minutes to plate and split up the veggies evenly (my food presentation skills could use some improvement).

The dinner kit was intended to only serve 2 people. We have 2 kids so I actually baked a tri-tip in the oven and then cooked this meal while the meat was resting, turning it into a meal that served 4.

How did it taste... the risotto was better than any I've made, and better than many restaurants I've ordered it from. The root vegetables were perfectly cooked. The brussels sprouts were hands down the best I've ever had. I didn't know I like rutabaga. I could eat this once a week.

We have tried several of the kits now (I'll blog more soon) and have really enjoyed the meals. The Gobble dinner kits have more vegetables and are healthier than most of our local restaurants and the dinners are faster/cheaper than take out. AND they are delicious. Plus they are delivered to my doorstep saving me a trip to the grocery store. We've started making larger meals on the weekends so I can feed the kids leftovers and make these Gobble meals for my husband and I to eat together after he works late. I could literally gobble them up. 2 forks up!

If you live in California and Nevada you can use this link to get a free dinner kit to try them yourself. Gobble is trying to expand to other states soon.